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HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDARUM CASE STUDY Antenatal History Amber a 30 years old lady was brought to the hospital with complaints of nausea, excessive vomiting, dehydration, and general body weakness at a gestational of 6 weeks 4days (by scan). Her blood pressure was 98/61 mmHg; heart beat 90 beat/minute regular but weak, and temperature of 37.9oC. History of Present Pregnancy Amber used…

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Environmental Health – Risk of Ebola Virus Spread in Airport

The increasing population growth, global warming, globalization, and liberalization have an impact on public health risks (Oosthuizen, 2012; and Cromar, Cameron & Fallowfield, 2004). These changes increase the possibility of people mingling while global warming may rate of virulence of infectious microbes (Buckingham & Turner, 2008). Public health is concerned at prevention and managing population based issues in a society.…

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