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Afr 1000G-600: Participation 1 (15 points):

Select either topic 1 or 2 and write a 2–3-page response

Review at least two sources

Due: May 27, 2022 (Dropbox)

Topic 1: Colonial Rule of Africa (1885-1960s and beyond)

“All colonial systems were meant to benefit the Europeans; they segregated and discriminated against the Africans; they exploited their subjects economically; and they established, instead, small colonial “dictatorships” – a situation that basically continued until the 1960s.” (Azevedo, p. 135)

Select one African country (excluding Liberia and Ethiopia), review Chapter 6 and/or other relevant information from articles or documentaries and respond to the following:
a. Briefly summarize the history of colonization about the country you have selected including who colonized it
b. Describe the working and living conditions of the indigenous people of Africa in a specific country under colonial rule.
c. In what ways did Africans in the country you have selected resist colonial rule?
d. State one question that you have about colonialism.


Topic 2: Role of Religion in Promoting Oppression and Social Justice

“While, on the one hand, religion has brought harmony, strengthened the bonds of brotherhood among peoples of the world, and fought racism and oppression, it has, on the other hand, fostered injustices (as was the case with slavery, colonialism, and apartheid), and reinforced global polarizations.” (Azevedo, p. 537)
Review chapters 22 and 23 and any other relevant source on religious traditions of people of African descent and respond to all of the following:
a. Briefly explain what is perceived (either by you and/or other scholars/followers) as the value of religion to humans in at least one region: Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and the United States
b. Why and how was religion used to promote oppression and to support social justice during the era of slavery and/or colonization?
c. Based on the sources you reviewed, explain ways in which religion was effective in advancing both oppression and justice in the region you focused on
d. State one question you have about the role of religion for promoting oppression/social justice.