Use Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?Book by Bill Martin, Jr.
to develop an instructional activity on one of the artistic elements. Be sure to include opportunities for children to experiment with the artistic element as they create their own art. Also make sure to include the title of the children’s book, the author, and the artistic element along with the instructional activity in your posting.

Jody Silvester
Children’s Book Assignment

Book/Author: Put book information in APA 7th edition format for referencing.

Artistic Elements: Using information from chapter 6, write what artistic element you are teaching from the illustrations used by the illustrator. (only 1 element is necessary)

Activity: Type the name of the activity

Materials: Complete/ comprehensive list the materials

Directions: Explain step by step what the children will do to complete the activity. Write this section in paragraph form meeting APA 7th edition format.

Children’s Book Assignment: Worth 20 Points  

: You will expose children to literature and art in every activity and experience we create. From Appendix C in your textbook, you will select one of the children’s books that focus on the artistic elements- color, shape, and line. You will create and instructional activity to teach the artistic element demonstrated in the book. Be sure to include in your activity opportunities for children to experiment with the artistic element as they create their own art. Look at Chapter 6 of your textbook for examples of instructional activities for the artistic elements. You will need to bring the book to class so you can check it out at the CMC (Curriculum Materials Center) or at your local library.

Procedural Guidelines


· Choose a children’s book from Appendix C of the textbook
· Bring book to class

Format Guidelines:

· You
use APA 7th edition format including references.
· You must use the formatting from the assignment template.
· Completed work must be typed and submitted as Word Document to webcourse by the due date and time.

Grading Rubric:



Possible Deductions

Followed procedural and format guidelines


· Not following guidelines stated in rubric, including APA 7th edition formatting
· Missing reference page.

Artistic Element and Materials


· Lacks information about the artistic element used by illustrator
· Missing list of needed materials
· Grammar/spelling errors (-1 for every 2 errors)

Developmentally Appropriate Instructional Activities


· Not written in paragraph format
· Missing specific step by step instructions for the instructional activities
· Grammar/spelling errors (-1 for every 2 errors)



Please proofread your work carefully. Spelling and grammatical errors anywhere in the assignment will result in a deduction of points.