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(Samuel)The Target online store hits you with a lot but presents it in a very clean and organized manner. Everything on the main page is presented in little blocks with a lot of those block displaying some sort of sale or discount. With Father’s Day coming up, the top of the page is geared toward that. It not only shows discounts but offers gift ideas as well which is very helpful to find your dad something cool and unique at a great price.
Right off the bat, we get a great looks at Target’s product characteristics. The main page show a vast variety of goods that can be purchased from clothes to coffee makers to smart watches. If this was your first time not only shopping at Target, but also shopping online with them, you get a great idea of the diverse products that Target sells.
The site also has many great features. You can browses categories if you would like and there is also a search. It has a deals tab that helps you shop all the current sales and see the best deals. There is a whats new tab that allows you to see the latest in fashion arrivals as well. On top of these features is another that you may not notice. Target’s website features a great aesthetic experience to keep potential shoppers sucked in. A great aesthetic experience engages and immerses a potential shopper and Target’s website accomplishes this. (Jennings, 2000) Pages are very pleasing on the eye and offer a cohesive theme throughout each department and product you look at.
Target does have email marketing. You have the option to sign up for their weekly flyer with all their best deals and its sent right to your email inbox. The email is formatted in a very easy and pleasing format that makes it easy to see all the deals clearly. A lot of their emails they send have unique and fun subject line as well. Having a subject line that stands out against other emails in your inbox is a great method to get all the subscribers attention and get your email read! (Kibet, 2021)
Target’s search engine marketing and advertising is also strong. I searched clothes, video games, housewares, and electronics and Target was on the first page of Google with each result.
Target has some pretty good customer retention strategies as well. Target offers exclusive online only deals every day to keep customers curious as to what the new deal of the day will be. This brings back traffic to not only look at the deal but most will probably end up browsing beyond the specific deal. There is also Target Circle, a free online discount and rewards program. Circle offers 1% earning rewards with certain purchases. They also give you 5% off on your birthday, and they have a ton of deals available to Circle members that are always changing.
Target is a massive company. Its biggest competitors are companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. All of these companies are data mining and data warehousing. This is a huge factor in these companies staying relevant with consumers. The data mining tools that are out there now allow these companies to comb through massive amounts of data to spot hidden patterns that could easy be over looked. (Temirov & Dongxiao, 2019) The data collected this way is fuel used to power their marketing ship.
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