Chapter 1- Introduction (3 – 4 pages)
In this section, present enough information about the proposed work so that the reader understands
the general context or setting. It is also helpful to include a summary of how this document is
In the research report, each chapter should begin on a new page
This section introduces the reader to the structural content of your Research Report.
Problem Statement and Purpose of Research
In this section, present a concise statement of a research-worthy problem to be addressed (i.e., why
the work should be undertaken – don’t state “it was a requirement of the professor”). Follow the
statement of the problem with a well-supported discussion of its scope and nature. The discussion
of the problem should include: what the problem is, why it is a problem, how the problem evolved
or developed, and the issues and events leading to the problem. Your problem statement must be
clear, concise, to the point and able to be articulated in no more than three sentences.
Chapter 2 – Review of the Literature (6-8 pages)
In this section, it is important to clearly identify the major areas on which you will need to focus
your research in order to build a solid foundation for your study in the existing body of
knowledge. This section requires that you review at least 5 peer-reviewed literature sources to
be used in the research.
The literature review is the presentation of quality literature in a particular field that serves as the
foundation and justification for the research problem, research questions or hypothesis, and
methodology. You will develop a more comprehensive review of the literature as part of your
For each of the 5 articles, write a paragraph each for the following sections
The following topics are intended to serve as a guide:
 Description of the research including who the target population was (if available)
 Research Method used to conduct the research (describe what the researcher(s) did to
gather data for the research)
o Was survey distributed? How many questions? How many participants?
o Was it a focus group? Was it a case study? Be explicit
 Findings: Indicate the findings as reported in the article
 Conclusion: What was the conclusion of the research
Chapter 3 – Research Methodology (3 – 4 pages)
This section is the core of your research. You are required to describe how to the research problem
will be addressed and the stated research goal will be accomplished. Based on the literature,
elaborate on the major steps that must be taken to accomplish the goal and include a preliminary
discussion of the methodology and specific research methods you plan to implement. Provide
adequate discussion of the general process you will follow to implement your research
Chapter 4: Findings, Analysis, and Summary of Results (2 – 4 pages)
Chapter 4 includes an objective description and analysis of the findings, results or outcomes of the
research. Limit the use of charts, tables, figures to those that are needed to support the narrative.
Most of these illustrations can be included as part of the Appendixes.
The following topics are intended to serve as a guide:
 Data analysis
 Findings & discussion
 Analysis
 Summary of results & discussion
Chapter 5: Conclusions (2 – 4 pages)
 Conclusions – Clearly state the conclusions of the study based on the analysis performed and
results achieved. Indicate by the evidence or logical development the extent to which the
specified objectives have been accomplished. If the research has been guided by hypotheses,
make a statement as to whether the data supported or rejected these hypotheses. Discuss
alternative explanations for the findings, if appropriate. Delineate strengths, weaknesses, and
limitations of the study.
 Implications – Discuss the impact of the work on the field of study and its contributions to
Follow the most current version of APA to format your references. However, each reference should
be single-spaced with a double space between each cited entry. Make sure that every citation is
referenced and every reference is cited.
Research Report Structure
 White space added to the report will negatively affect the final grade of your report. Do not add
extra space to your document in an effort to extend the page count.
 Times New Roman Font style should be used throughout the paper
 Font color should be black throughout the paper