Week 4 dq1 response 5 445
Corey Rees
The Strengths perspective is the ability to look at the client focusing on their strengths over weaknesses. The strengths perspective looks at the individual for what is good in the clients life and works to expand up it by using those strengths to overcome adversity. From a strengths perspective a homeless person their strengths may be that they have a safe homeless community, have access to community services, maybe they have some “”street smarts”. In the Marta case I would say that she has three lovely children in her life and she now has a chance to start her life over with them. This get to be a fresh start for her and the kids and also she already has a leg up on others because she has a degree in accounting which will help her get a good new job where ever they go so she can work to help with the kids. 

Week 4 dq1 response5 445
Annamarie Cave
As a social worker, it can be helpful to understand different perspectives and theories to use in their practice. In particular, the strength perspective can be useful tool to help empower clients and not focus solely on the problem at hand but on what they can contribute based on their own personal experience. An individual’s strengths can be a source of energy that helps people be more successful in their efforts of change or to help them overcome a situation (Saleebey, 1996). Focusing on people’s strengths can help them move on in life and they can learn from past experiences even the ones that have caused pain or challenges. Rather than focusing on just fixing the problem, you have to help clients embrace their own strengths or learn to look at the situation from a different perspective. A strength perspective can help the clients use their own knowledge, talents, and motivations to be successful in overcoming tribulations (Saleebey, 1996)). It can also help the client think for themselves rather than having a social worker or other professionals make those decisions for them. Empowerment is one of the key concepts social workers used for strength perspective to help people become aware of tension and conflicts in their life but also help them free themselves from those restraints that might be holding them back in life(Saleebey, 1996).
In Marta’s situation based on a strength perspective, the social worker can help her identify some of her own strengths, motivations, and knowledge. For Marta, she recognized there was a problem with her husband and noticed how it wasn’t just affecting her but their children. She decided that she needed to leave and not only protect herself but also her children. Although Marta is not currently working she has a degree in accounting and a good work ethic based on her being promoted at her last job. This will allow her to be more independent and help her provide for her family. She also took it upon herself to look for outside resources including finding the case manager and seeking housing services. Marta also has a family that seems to be concerned about her and she can use them for support. These are all things that I would use to help Marta recognize as strengths and use these as a motivator. Although what she is going through is awful she and her children are safe and it is important to keep it that way. Marta is already showing she is willing to seek services and as a case manager, I would help her find the right resources for hurt and her children.